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is a discovery: from the love for the knives to the joy of new gourmet bites.

Coltellerie Marcello Beltrame presents Lamami, an innovative and high profile range of knives designed to rediscover the love for the cutting and the joy to share a flavor; the name Lamami, in fact, is the combination of the two Italian words “Lama” (blade) and “Amami” (love me).

All the products are marked with the logo of the DUE ANCORE brand, founded in 1912.

This lovely set, packaged in a colored and elegant box to decorate and add value to every house, is suitable for both every day and most important occasions.

All what you need for your tasting moment stays in a single box, a book which stored together with cookbooks or on a shelf in the living room, it fits elegantly every home design, from traditional to modern style.

This new concept will revolutionize the way you will store and take care of your knives: it will replace the messy drawer, the bulky knife stand and the unsafe knives magnets.

The knives are hand crafted with the highest quality materials: blades are made of Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel, which ensures optimum cutting-edge hold and an excellent cutting quality.

The book, made of upcycled material, matches our eco-friendly vision with its capacity of protecting and storageing the knives, without any risk of damaging the blades.

Lamami is available in two versions: “Natura” with handle made of fine olive wood, and “Eco” with a Paperstone handle, which is characterized by an innovative material obtained by 100% post-consumer recycled paper that has been saturated with petrofree phenolic resins and selected natural pigments.

The entire collection is manufactured in our plant situated in Maniago, the center of the Italian knives production.

This aspect clearly declares our mission: to enhance, spread and preserve the prestige and quality of the Made in Italy throughout the accurate selection of materials and the monitoring of all the value chain phases.

At the moment Lamami is available in different combinations of tasting collections, from three cheeses knives set to grappa & cioccolato or lobster set, each one characterized by a different colored strip.

This one is a further feature that makes Lamami either a collection to hold and exhibit or an uncommon and authentic gift.

Our articles discuss different dinnerware types based on the occasion to enjoy a special moment with your family or friends; then just wash, dry and put the set back to its box to guarantee an optimal hygiene and protection.

Every meal, matched with Lamami, will become a moment of discovering and pleasure, (when one sits down at the table and opens the book cover).

The recovery of the old artisan methods, exclusive Italian design and ecological sustainability are the keywords that give to the collection an excellence style.

Lamami is a discovery: from the love for the knives to the joy of new gourmet bites.